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Organized in 2009, Rocky Mountain Cannabis serves individually licensed patients as a medical marijuana center in the state of Colorado. Our mission is to provide superior quality medicinal cannabis products at reasonable prices to patients.

Here at Rocky Mountain Cannabis we understand every patient’s needs are unique and work to develop solutions that fulfill your needs and alleviate the symptoms associated with several medical conditions. We are excited to announce that Rocky Mountain Cannabis has opened a full service medical marijuana center in Cañon City.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis takes a holistic, all natural approach in the development of our brand of products. Our cannabis is grown exclusively in Colorado, at elevations providing optimal growing conditions, with a commitment to quality and excellence. We take pride in the superior quality of our products and patients can be confident when purchasing our brand.

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At this time, the possession and use of this product is for qualified medicinal patients only.  Any possession, distribution or use by unauthorized individuals is subject to both state and federal laws, and that individual risks criminal prosecution at multiple levels of government.  You should not use this or any other cannabis product while operating heavy machinery.

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