Do you love delicious summer drinks? This cannabis cocktail is a tasty refreshment with some serious summer vibes! Using Cannapunch’s Watermelon Nectar infused drink, we’ve come up with an easy recipe for those hot summer days.



Step 1: Pick your favorite flavor of Cannapunch drinks, today we chose Watermelon! Find these at a Rocky Mountain Cannabis near you in the links below.



Step 2: Measure out your specified dose, we chose 4 capfuls which is a single serving of 10mg of THC.



Step 3: Add some Ice cubes.



Step 4: Top off with your specified flavor of sparkling water, we chose a delicious berry!



Step 5: Add fruit garnishes for an extra flare and flavor!




We hope you enjoy and please consume responsibly!


Cannapunch Drinks available at the following locations:

Dinosaur, CO


Fraser, CO

Georgetown, CO