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We all know mothers are amazing. Moms hold the important responsibility of making sure their families are taken care of, while balancing careers, jobs, and lives of their own. As we move into a new age of Cannabis that is more accepted in our culture, there is still some stigma around the plant, especially for moms. We want to highlight that mothers who responsibly use cannabis can still be loving, caring, and responsible parents. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing an inspirational woman who is breaking stereotypes and normalizing cannabis in her home. Candy is a mother of two, a seventeen-year-old and a nine-year-old, who embraces being a productive mom who consumes cannabis to help her live life to the fullest.

Candy moved to Colorado seven years ago after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She wanted to be closer to family to help her manage the new diagnosis. Candy grew up in Texas, a place where Cannabis was often viewed as a “gateway drug”, some even viewed it as a “hard drug”. Moving to Colorado, Candy adjusted to the legalization of Cannabis. She decided to give medicinal Cannabis a try to see how it helped her manage her Fibromyalgia, and she saw an incredible difference.“I slowly started using Cannabis to replace some of my medications, and eventually it was all I needed” Candy said. It took some time to normalize the cannabis with Candy’s loved ones, but when they saw the bubbly and vibrant Candy who wasn’t in so much pain, they were supportive. “Cannabis is a beautiful miracle plant that gave me my life back, I want to shout it from the rooftops and let the world know” said Candy.

Working in the medical field for many years, Candy decided to switch careers to the medicinal Cannabis industry. She is now a “Medtender” who helps others utilize cannabis to help with their pain and illnesses. Candy says that when referring to Cannabis in her home its considered medicine. Her children have a clear understanding that the Cannabis is a medicine for their mom and there’s no need to hide it or keep them in the dark, “Education and openness are important” said Candy.

There’s often the misconception that cannabis consumers are lazy, but Candy embraces the “Productive Stoner Mom” role to break the stereotypes. Many use Cannabis medicinally to manage pain so they can then be productive. “I can now do all the fun things with my kids like pottery and painting. I’m not weighed down by medications feeling groggy or nauseous” said Candy. Not only does she work and takes care of her family, but she also runs an Instagram that advocates for Cannabis moms and shares her story. Check out Candy’s page at @cannabis_mom_420!

Thank you to all the wonderful cannabis moms out there, we hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day! A special thank you to Candy, who continues to inspire us and be a positive example that cannabis moms are amazing moms!