Chances are, you’ve heard of CBD. Whether it be in the news, by word of mouth, or maybe you’ve seen versions of it being sold at your local grocery store. Whatever the case, CBD has been gaining in popularity since around the year 2015. It’s been promoted by golden globe winner Emmy Moore, musician Willy Nelson, and featured on the Dr. Oz show. Not surprisingly, “what is CBD” is perhaps one of our most frequently asked questions at Rocky Mountain Cannabis.

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol (canna-bid-iol). It is among the more dominant of cannabinoids associated with cannabis, and can be found in a multitude of dispensaries, smoke shops, and grocery stores. Products can vary from store to store. At Rocky Mountain Cannabis, we carry an array of tinctures, topical applications, edibles, vapes, and flower strains, that contain CBD. A few of the brands we’ve carried at Rocky Mountain Cannabis include: Escape Artist, Mary Janes Medicinal, and Nordic Goddess. Generally, people who use topicals apply a small amount to the affected area, and within 30 minutes can begin to feel the effects. Topicals are a great option for those who are also not seeking any psychoactive effects!

Another popular form of CBD comes in the form of vape cartridges. These give you the advantage of quick onset, as effects can be noticed as quickly as 5-10 minutes after consumption. There are options for everyone, with some vape oils coming with a 10:1 CBD:THC type ratio, meaning users wouldn’t experience much, if any, psychoactive effects. CBD cartridges also come in a 1:1 ratio, meaning equal parts THC and CBD. This is a great option for those who are seeking the sought-aftereffects of CBD, but who also seek the high of THC. The next time you visit Rocky Mountain Cannabis, ask one of our experienced bud tenders to take you through our CBD products!

So why does THC get you high, but CBD does not? It’s all about the endocannabinoid system! Each and every human being is born with a system of special receptors throughout the entire body, known as the endocannabinoid system. It is responsible for the way we feel, the way we act, our immune systems, our nervous system, the list goes on and on! CBD connects to receptors in our brains, thyroids, upper airways, eyes, hearts, and more. These receptors are known as our CB1 and CB2receptors. CBD has the innate ability to suppress the enzyme called anandamide(aka the bliss molecule.) Anandamide is the molecule responsible for producing feelings of joy and a state of bliss, thus aptly named. It is usually activated at higher concentrations when a person is consuming a THC product. Where CBD comes into play, is that it is able to calm or reduce the psychoactive influence of THC, meaning it can bring it down.

What’s the difference between Hemp derived CBD and Cannabis Derived CBD?

You may have seen CBD infused products such as lotions and coffee at your local grocery store. You also may have seen CBD products of the same nature at your local dispensary. There IS a difference. Because cannabis is still on a federally illegal status, only hemp derived CBD can be sold at locations that don’t also dispense marijuana. The main distinguishing factor between cannabis and hemp is again, all in the cannabinoids. Even though the species are closely related, and even look the same, hemp has a much lower concentration of cannabinoids than cannabis does. When CBD is extracted from hemp, much of the vital terpenes and cannabinoids are left out, either due to cost or a lack thereof. Because of this, hemp CBD has a lessened effect. When CBD is extracted directly from cannabis, you have the added effects of THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, that come together to create what researcher’s call, the entourage effect. Each plant molecule helps the other, greatly boosting the effectiveness of cannabis derived CBD.

At Rocky Mountain Cannabis, we carry only the most trusted cannabis derived CBD brands. Ask your sales associate to show you their CBD selection. You may just be surprised to find out how much you’ll enjoy it.