Mary Jane’s Medicinals has been a pioneer in the infused topical business in Colorado since 2010. This company was founded by Dahlia Mertens in the beautiful town of Telluride. Dahlia’s passion for herbal and natural medicine led her to massage therapy where she worked in spas for 6 years. On a trip to see a friend, she was introduced to a massage oil infused with grapeseed and cannabis oil. Dahlia was impressed with the immediate muscle relaxation and improvement of circulation. In the fall of 2009, she began experimenting with infused massage oils, incorporating essential oils for a natural and fragrant product. By January of 2010 she was in business, at the time she only had one main competitor. Dahlia began giving samples to medical dispensaries all over Colorado and they were intrigued. She began to hear the most amazing testimonials of the massage oil helping with arthritis, skin issues, and chronic pain. Fast forward to 2020, Dahlia now has her product in over 250 stores and a variety of products from salves to lotions and even lip balm!

Dahlia Mertens | Founder of Mary Jane’s Medicinals

Dahlia describes her mission for Mary Jane Medicinals, “Cannabis topicals can do so much good for so many people, topicals are becoming a natural alternative for pain management”. Her favorite part of the production process is the creative process of formulating recipes of natural ingredients and essential oils to find what synergistically works the best. Dahlia uses whole plant infusion techniques because she believes the cannabinoids work better together. For the future of cannabis, Dahlia looks forward to federal legalization and said, “Cannabis should be available to any adult who thinks it would be helpful”.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Products can be found at our following locations: Dinosaur, Fraser, Gunnison, Ridgway