We all know how intrinsically social cannabis culture is,more than likely your very first experience was with others who’d already immersed themselves in the scene. Even with an introduction like that many of us enjoy a quite smoke to ourselves, but there’s plenty of opportunity to share with friends, family, and peers in your circles as you continue to partake in cannabis. In these social situations though, you may find yourself wondering what the proper etiquette for consuming this product with others may be. In a large part it follows many of the same principles as the “Golden Rule”, taking this concept of treating others as you wish to be treated will serve you well in any cannabis orientated situation. Aside from that though we’ve got you covered with 10 specific and simple “Green Rules” to make sure you’re a pleasure for anyone to smoke with!

·       GreenRule #1: Who mever brings the weed, decides what’s done with the weed.

o  This rule seems pretty self explanatory, but it’s always a good to remember that when its not your product you’re the passenger on their experience. Don’t be shy to voice an opinion but remember that the owner of the cannabis should and will always have the last say

·       Green Rule #2: Whomever rolls it, is the one to light it.

o   Not everyone is so firm on this, but as a rule of thumb the person who took the time to roll the cannabis into a joint is the one that will light it. This usually helps make sure the joint will burn more evenly, as the person who rolled it will know the best way to light up their own joints.

·       GreenRule #3: Puff, Puff, Pass.

o   Thisterm is truly only applicable in joints/blunts, it basically means taking more than one hit when it’s your turn in the rotation. This concept does not rollover well into pipes/bongs so make sure you ask before you take a second hit,or at least make sure everyone is on the same page to be a bit more casual with it.

·       GreenRule #4: Corner your bowl (leave some greens).

o   Cornering your bowl means taking hits with the object of preserving more of the “greens”of the bowl, the opposite being roasting the whole thing in one toke. You’ll always be appreciated by your fellow cannabis enthusiasts by saving those greens so everyone gets a clean, tasty hit.

·       GreenRule #5: Never smoke someone’s last bowl.

o   No matter how generous and giving someone is, its resoundingly bad taste to smoke the last of someone’s stash. We recommend making sure you have permission from the owner of the cannabis about this matter specifically, and even more so the most polite thing to do is to reimburse them in some fashion for that last bowl if you are the one to smoke it.

·       Green Rule #6: Compliment the cannabis.

o   If someone else is the one supplying the cannabis, positive comments will always be well received. Even if the cannabis isn’t up to your standards of quality, if you plan on consuming it you should speak well of the product. This can be somewhat flexible depending on the opinion of the person supplying, but this is just a general way to approach this situation.

·       GreenRule #7: Don’t cash the bowl too quickly.

o   Everyone has a different opinion of when a bowl or joint is “done”, we recommend before you toss out the weed or put out the joint to ask the circle if everyone is finished smoking on it.

·       GreenRule #8: Don’t go looking through someone’s weed without permission.

o   While most of us are very casual with our weed and stash, others won’t be so comfortable with everyone looking through everything. It’s always the politemove to ask permission to handle someone else’s product, this said though everyone will approach this matter differently so feel out the situation as necessary.

·       GreenRule #9: Don’t camp on the bowl.

o   This can be hard for many of us many because the social nature of cannabis will drive conversation and good times, but don’t forget to keep passing the bowl.Too many times will a good story come up and the pipe will just be sitting in someone’s lap unused and unattended, take a hit and keep it moving steady.

·       GreenRule #10: Follow the Rotation.

o   Leftis law, right is tight, whichever way you pass the cannabis to start keep it moving in that order, this is the only way to guarantee everyone will get a decent hit of product. If you lose the order of rotation somehow, let everyone know you’re restarting it and try at it again!

·       BonusGreen Rule: Be excellent to each other.

o   Just remember that the core of any good smoke session (aside from the cannabis) is being kind and good to one another, between the good vibes and the weed you’re guaranteed a phenomenal experience every time.


We hope these tips will help your experiences in the future, or at the very least give you a source to quote when a friend disagrees with your stoner etiquette. Thanks for reading and we wish you happy smoking!