With a cannabis market so tantalizing and varied, there seems to be an endless amount of options for us as consumers to partake in. For as many options that we have to utilize, the scourge of cottonmouth pervades with every bit more of cannabis we may consume. At Rocky Mountain Cannabis we believe there should be options for your remedy just as there is options for your intake; in the following list you’ll find some of our most enjoyed cottonmouth killing beverages.

1. Juice

It’s hard to go wrong with a nice glass of OJ, but apple juice or pineapple juice will hit the spot just as fine. These fruity flavors would be a good compliment to a gummy edible or even some of infused beverages that will give you cottonmouth in the first place!

2. Tea

Tea comes in a wide array of flavors and mixes, for best results to get the desired remedy we recommend hibiscus, earl grey, or even a sweet tea or Arnold Palmer.The beauty of tea being your options to craft into a drink of your liking; try experimenting with your favorite flavors and perchance even some THC enriched honey to sweeten the beverage.

3. Soda

Carbonated and fizzy, soda pop beverages can be an immediate relief to the dehydrated plight of cottonmouth. It can come down to your preference for flavor, though citrus based options may provide a better result. A perfect compliment to a midday meal we recommend a nice sativa product to keep your day rolling, and not get to bogged down in the thirst quenching moment of relaxation.

4. Gum

Chew it, then chew it some more, and then when you’re done doing that chew it even more. This is the gift that keeps on giving when cottonmouth is a concern, giving you potential hours of salivated relief while enjoying your cannabis of choice. If you find yourself to be the double down kind of consumer you can even try this with THC infused gum to enhance and take your cannabis experience to the next level.

5. Water

Though the least exciting of our cures, water may prove to be the most effective. Your mom and doctor will agree this is the solution to your problem, and we do as well. A cold glass will take you a long ways, especially if you add in slices of cucumber, fruit, or some nice citrus. We see water as a must have companion to any cannabis experience or adventure you embark on, but make sure to have fun with it!

Much like the cannabis that causes it, our options for cottonmouth cures grows larger every day. The RockyMountain Cannabis team hopes these remedies may help, or at the very least has reminded you of some delicious options to enhance your cannabis experience.Have Fun, stay hydrated, and keep enjoying your product, just make sure to have a refreshing drink within reach for when the cottonmouth kicks in!