The Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit coalition that focuses on criminal justice reform initiatives, particularly those surrounding cannabis charges. As cannabis has been legalized in many states across the United States there are still as many as 40,000 people with cannabis related charges on their records and some are even serving jail time. Despite cannabis law reform and legalization, there are still more arrests for cannabis possession a year than for all violent crimes combined. The Last Prisoner Project is important to us because we believe that cannabis is for everyone and those with past charges should be cleared as legal companies like ours strive in an industry that many before us have served time for.

This organization is focusing their efforts on three main objectives to achieve their larger goal of seeing the world without one single person in prison for cannabis charges. Those three objectives are clemency, re-entry, and advocacy. The Last Prisoner Project is working with state governors to create an expedited process for identifying those incarcerated for victimless cannabis crimes and process their clemency petitions and provide necessary legal resources for eligible individuals. In Colorado they’ve accomplished initiating a Cannabis Clemency Program with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. They also provide educational and vocational training and resources to help those released to rebuild their lives and receive support from their communities. Advocacy surrounding criminal justice reform and legislation is important to this organization and ours.

The Last Prisoner Project will not rest until the last cannabis prisoner is set free, and neither will we! If you would like to make a contribution or find out more ways to volunteer check out their website at