The beautiful and artistic realm of glass has fascinated stoners for decades. The selection of glass available is nearly endless, from handheld pipes to 7-foot bongs, if you can dream it, it’s probably out there. This can make finding the piece right for you a bit of a daunting task but fret not! You’ve come to the right place for a simple and informative guide to cannabis glass.

The most common glass piece is the spoon pipe. A handheld pipe that will have a mouthpiece, a bowl that will be loaded with cannabis with a small hole at the bottom for airflow, and sometimes a“carb” on the side or end. While smoking the pipe the carb should be covered by your thumb, and then released as you stop inhaling and allows the chamber to be cleared.  The appeal to this glass piece is that it’s small and easy to transport. The carb usually makes for a smoother hit, and more overall control.

Another small and discreet glass piece is the famous one hitter. These pieces are even smaller than the spoon pipe. They often have a very small bowl on the end of the piece just big enough for about one hit (hence the clever name). They usually don’t have carbs and can be made in a variety of materials; wood,metal, and glass. The trick to finding a good one hitter is paying attention to the size of the hole in the bowl. If the hole is too small, it will be very tricky to get a good pull from the pipe. If the hole is too big, you might get some bud sucked through and into your mouth (and who wants that!).

The sherlock pipe is another stoner favorite, named after the curved shape of the pipe that looks very similar to the iconic Sherlock Holmes’ tobacco pipe. The shape of these pipes gives a nice, long, and smooth hit as the smoke almost gives aspiral as it moves through the piece.

The next magnificent pipe is the Gandalf pipe. Named after the legendary wizard character from the book and movie series, Lord of the Rings. This pipe is very long and narrow and often has a large bowl.These pipes are fantastic for sharing or smoking a bowl to yourself because you can light it once or only a couple of times and it keeps a smolder well.

Moving onto some larger pieces, we will begin with the water pipe. Also known as the bong, this piece contains a big base to fill with water, and long tube to a mouthpiece,with a bowl that can be removed to clear the piece. This is one of the most appealing pieces because the water filters the smoke for a smooth hit that doesn’t have the harshness of a pipe. Some water pipes even have indents to hold ice in place for an even colder and smoother hit.


We are in the new age of cannabis, which means now are glass pieces not only accommodate flower,but cannabis concentrates as well. The Dab “rig” is a glass piece very similar to a water pipe, but instead of a bowl for cannabis flower, there is either a metal or glass “nail” or a quartz or glass “banger”. A nail is a small sliver with a round base at the top that will be heated with a torch and then when cooled, cannabis concentrate can be dropped on the nail. A banger has a deep bowl that will also be heated with a torch but has a much larger area for the cannabis product to be dropped (therefore less product wasted). As things change so fast, “e-rigs”, or electronic rigs are rising in popularity as there’s no torch required and an electronic heating element.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to glass and don’t forget to check out our awesome Rocky Mountain Cannabis collection of glass at the nearest location. Stay amazing and keep blazing RMC fam!