“Kief” is a term you might be very familiar with, but if you aren’t then we are here to tell you all about it! The term Kief refers to the crystal formations on the tip of the resin glands on the Cannabis plant,  it contains terpenes and cannabinoids. The resin glands live on the trichomes, the tiny hairlike formations on cannabis. Many plants have external trichomes to either catch prey or deter animals from eating it. The special thing about Cannabis trichomes is that the resin produced is psychoactive and can disorient herbivores looking to consume the plant. Luckily, we’ve utilized ways to consume this psychoactive substance. The easiest way obtain kief at home is through a three-chamber grinder, check out our merchandise to get an awesome Rocky Mountain Cannabis grinder! Grind flower in your grinder and over time you will accumulate a “stash” of kief. Let’s explore the possibilities of using kief when consuming cannabis!

The easiest way to consume kief is to a sprinkle a little bit over a bowl of ground cannabis flower. The kief will add some extra potency to your bowl! Many prefer this method because you don’t need very much kief to spruce up the flower you already have, so it’s cost-effective and leaves your kief stash in good shape.

Another stoner favorite is the kief-infused joint! Prepare your joint how you normally would and sprinkle some kief on the flower and there you have it, a joint with a little kief kick. Some even go as far to wet the rolling paper and roll it in the kief to have a kief dipped joint, both are great options but come down to personal preference.

Moonrocks, also known as Kaviar, is a nug of Cannabis that’s been rolled in THC oil and then dipped in Kief. This can be made at home with any flower, THC oil syringe, and the kief from your grinder. We suggest when smoking Moonrocks to load the bottom of the bowl with flower on the bottom and then break up the moonrocks on top, this will save your bowl from getting super sticky from the THC oil! Another pro tip, NEVER put moonrocks in your grinder or you will regret it!

Kief pucks are a popular choice for Kief connoisseurs. Kief pucks are sometimes sold at Dispensaries, or you can acquire a kief press and make your own. Most people break off little pieces of the puck to load over the bowl, but some smoke the whole thing! There are many ways to consume kief and these are a few of our favorites!

Now that we’ve talked so much about kief, it might be time to go enjoy it ourselves! Remember to grind all of your flower in your grinder to keep that kief supply growing!