The JimCreek trail is a must-walk if you happen to be around the Arapahoe or Rocky Mountains. Do you have a dog? Take your buddy with you, choose a cannabis strain or product that makes you feel great, and just get out there. I chose two different strains to take with me on my journey:

#1: Flo Limone- this is a sativa dominant strain from Colorado Kind, based in Denver. This flower is dominated by terpenes like limonene (citrus) and myrcene (earthy), which contribute to its uplifting and bubbly effects. It’s great for a morning or mid-day pick me up.

#2: OGKush- this is a classic indica from Super Farm in Denver, an offspring of the (now rare) strain, Hindu Kush. The unique terpene profile includes myrcene(earthy) and caryophyllene (spice),which help to act as stimulants, and anti-fatigue and pain relief.

This is a great pairing. For one, Flo Limone will just pick you up  and take you to that happy place. It is a heavy hitting sativa, without the aggressive raciness. I started to get a sense of heightened euphoria, appreciation, and positive energy as the terpenes began to take hold of me.Secondly, the OG Kush worked hand in hand to relax my muscles and stimulate my mind further, helping me push past the barriers of fatigue that you are bound to come across on this walk. For me it really helped to extend my hike, as I feel like this indica isn’t heavily sedating like many of its kush brethren.

Let’s talk about the difficulty of this trail.  I would put it somewhere between intermediate and advanced. It features steep, rocky grades, and obstacles such as crossing small rivers by way of tree bridges, that novices might find quite challenging. If you are someone who is not yet acclimated to this environment, I highly recommend that you bring more than enough water with you, as the hike can last anywhere from 4-6 hours. Staying hydrated is one of the most overlooked necessities by visitors, keep this in mind if you are also planning on consuming cannabis during this time. Cannabis does not generally cause dehydration. If you were to experience a feeling of increased dehydration after smoking, the chances that you were already dehydrated before, are high. Read this excerpt from Wiki leaf on dry mouth (cotton mouth): “what we commonly call cottonmouth, is caused by a decrease in saliva secretion. The THC in cannabis attaches to two types of cannabinoid receptors, CB1, and CB2, which are located in the submandibular (SMG) salivary gland. Both CB1 and 2 play a role in mediating the effects of THC; in this case, the THC sends a message to slow saliva production, which results in dry mouth. In most cases, the symptom of dry mouth is not dangerous.” Even though it is not dangerous, it is annoying. Make sure you stay hydrated enough to enjoy yourself.

My goal during my time on the JimCreek trail, was to reach the fabled waterfall. After you begin your ascent, you’ll reach a point in the trail that starts to follow a river. You’ll be able to hear it, smell it; this river will be a companion to you for the rest of the way. The dangers of getting lost on this walk, are low. Follow the trail, follow the water, and you will get there. The hike to fall is definitely worth the time it takes to reach it. When I got there, I was able to sprawl out and enjoy my lunch, while also sunbathing and taking in the  scenery.

One part of this journey that thoroughly surprised me, was the age range of other hikers. Particularly, the seniors, who are sometimes an overlooked demographic when it comes to this industry. These 60-80 year old hikers were chipper and spry as they passed me on their ways back down. It moved me with hope for my own future. If you are a senior who is reading this, or if you have someone in your life who is older, remember that age does not define you. We live in an awesome time, of both medical and political achievements. The research is in and the laws are progressing! Cannabis CAN help! If you, or someone you know, is struggling to enjoy the things in their lives that they used to, please, give cannabis a try. I won’t say that it is a miracle cure. It isn’t. But, it can help you improve your quality of life, drastically. The next time you experience stiff joints, sore muscles, or lack of energy, try some of our cannabis derived CBD products. At Rocky Mountain Cannabis, we carry an array of creams, tinctures, edibles, vapes, and flower, containing CBD. We want you to be able to enjoy life to its fullest.

There really is nothing quite like being  high and alone, in a place that you want to be. It gives you the opportunity for limitless expression and creativity. When you are surrounded by nature and your inner consciousness, you are more likely to tap into your own ingenuity, work on yourself, and really begin to help heal any issues or stress that you might be dealing with at the time. It is truly, great meditation. If you do hike the Jim Creek trail, bring a phone or camera, and be sure to capture some great pictures. You won’t want to forget this beautiful hike.